Kalkman Antwerp

Sister And Brother Partnership In Antwerp!

Even though it might seem that the gallery and record store was run solo in Maastricht, it would have never grown without the support of family. From the early days in 2014, Charlotte has always expressed an interest in developments and liked to help hang up new artworks or rearrange the space.

The art-seed must have been planted then because next to helping in Maastricht, Charlotte also started working for an art space and art promotion organization in Antwerp during her studies. We have always shared the passion of discovering new talent and when we worked during the first art fair under “KALKMAN Gallery”, the commercial side of running an art gallery came to her very naturally. Making a step towards partnering in this venture feels nothing but logic and we are both very excited to open the doors of our lovely space in the “Theaterbuurt” of Antwerp.

Location In Antwerp – The Only Pink Building In The Street: Sint-Jorispoort 28

In Antwerp, we will start by exhibiting the same art collection and vinyl records as in Maastricht. Over time we hope to attract new artists to our roster in Antwerp. Of course, new artists will then also be shown in Maastricht. Please send us a message through WhatsApp at: 0032 4 775 23298 (Charlotte) or 0031 6 5426 5443 (Hubert).


Starting Antwerp together gives lots of advantages for our activities outside the physical spaces: art fairs and online platforms. In the first few months we will work towards a joint webshop and we will feed our collections onto the existing Artsy and Discogs platforms. Fairs (for art and records) and external exhibitions will be done under the same flag: Kalkman Gallery or Kalkman Vinyl Records.

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